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Apple iPhone Repair Service

Firstcall Technologies specialize in repairs for iPhone 2G, 3g, 3gs, 4g, IPod touch, IPod Nano, IPod Classic, iPods and much more. All of our repair work is carried out by trained Engineers and most repairs are completed within 24 hours.

Common Problems

Broken glass
Screen digitizers
Headphone Jacks
Charging Ports
Software upgrades
Physical damage and many more repairs with working knowledge

Most repairs can be done within a day. There may be some circumstances where we would need to keep the phone for longer in order to successfully complete the repair. We know your iPhone is important to you and we promise to do our best to get it back to you promptly.

The iPhone 2g, 3gs, 4g breaks. And it breaks often. Is it because Apple didn't make a good product? Absolutely not. Just ask how their sales have been and that's enough proof that they have made a product that the consumers demand. You use your iPhone 3G constantly. It's going to break. And we can repair it. We offer solutions that sometimes even the manufacturer cannot offer.