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Mobile Technology

Eligibility: Any

Duration: Minimum 15 days to maximum 3 Months

Join The Revolution - Learn Cell Phone Repair and Launch Your New Career Today!

New potential in the cellular repair industry is a natural result of the rapid advances in mobile wireless technologies. Now is the time to learn about and train in cellular repair to reap the rewards of a vocation that is fast becoming a mainstay in today's world.

Whether you own a wireless shop and need to increase revenue, or if you're a budding entrepreneur who knows potential when they see it, training in cellular repair will enhance your position and expand your offerings in today's wireless market.

Why Train in Cellular Repair Now?

Until recently, cell phones were easily discarded when they became physically damaged, and people simply bought new replacement devices. In today's market, however, due to the high price of cell phones and the recent Smartphone phenomenon flooding both corporate and consumer markets, people and businesses have limited options when their complicated, expensive devices become physically damaged.

In addition, wireless carriers are not interested in servicing or repairing Smartphone’s and seem solely focused on extending or signing up customers for a new 2-year contract. Consumers are left with a fragile phone that's unlikely to survive the typical 2-year contract. Trained professionals in the cellular repair industry, however, can service and repair consumer phones that are no longer under warranty and not insured through their carriers, thus, saving consumers from having to replace their expensive phones, sign new contracts, and add to the landfill.

Cellular Repair Centers give consumers the opportunity to repair their devices for less money rather than pay full price for a new phone—a phone that's usually unfamiliar given the rapid obsolescence of high-tech devices these days.

How Can I Get Started in the Cellular Repair Industry?

This is a career for people who are willing to learn and enter an industry that will only expand. You don’t need to be from the cell phone industry, nor do you need to have a technical background. Our advanced Cellular Master Technician training course will teach you what you need to operate and become a successful cell phone technician.


Why Train With Firstcall Technologies: The Pioneers of Cell Phone Repair Training

Our Cellular training teaches you advanced cellular repair techniques, troubleshooting the most difficult of repairs, and real world repair scenarios to help you learn to master servicing all cellular devices to launch and operate your own repair business. Our focus is easy; we truly care for our students and want to make sure they are FULLY capable of repairing all cellular devices and operating a real cellular repair business after attending our training.

This is not a hobby and you will learn more from us than the basics taught by startup training companies with ZERO training credentials. If you are serious about learning cell phone repairs to start a business, you have come to the right place! Join hundreds of others who took a chance on us and now reaping the rewards - Learn from the most reputable company in the industry - We will teach you right the first time - Begin and launch your new career with us today!

We focus on providing practical hands-on real world learning that is immediately applicable. Students will be confident in tackling cell phone repairs after attending our training, guaranteed!

We will also teach you how to price, gain access to reputable parts suppliers, marketing secrets to generate immediate traffic, how to start up new inventory, and many more business related topics will be covered to set you on the right path to launching your own repair business.

• We have dedicated a Full day strictly on IPhone repairs
• How to replace broken Glass Digitizer
• How to replace broken LCD
• Step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble the IPhone 3G/3GS & IPhone 4 correctly
• Disassemble and Assemble practice on IPhone 3G & 3GS models
• How to Solder the Data Port flex cable
• How to replace the Headset Jack Flex Cable
• How to replace the Wi-Fi Flex Cable
• How to change the Home Button, Ear speaker, Wi-Fi Crystals and much more!
• Provide resources on IPhone Jailbreak and Unlocking solutions

Level I Course

• GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G Network Concept and structure
• Determination of physical and liquid damage detection on PCB boards
• Beginning soldering and de-soldering techniques
• Cell Phone design and architecture
• Proper opening techniques to dismantle all make and model of cell phones
• ESN, IMEI and SIM relationship, theory and concept
• Keypad malfunction and liquid damage troubleshooting
• Data transfer & recovery
• Cell Phone Unlocking - how to take carrier locks off GSM Phones

Level I Course


• BGA Controller Chip Structure and Design
• Water Damage Repair Solution -
• Circuit board block diagram layout architecture - For Component Repairs
• RF Shielding removal using proper heating element
• Phone not powering on - No Power -
• No network signal or unstable signal
• Phone automatically shuts off - Power Cycling
• Replace On board Sim Connector, Switches, Battery connector, SD memory connector, Vibrator, Flex Cable Switch, Multi pin Data Port, Charging Port
• IPhone 3G/3GS Cable # 1,2,3,4 & 5 on-board connector replacement
• IPhone 3G/3GS Soldered Sim Card Tray replacement
• IPhone 4 Soldered Battery Connector replacement
• Repair missing on-board components, circuit bridging & Jumpering techniques

Hands on Repair Training


• Replace Controller IC, VCO, PA, Crystal and other board level components
• Advanced soldering techniques on replacing charging connector, data port, audio jack, power switch, volume switch, vibrator, battery connector on Blackberry, HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola and others..
• Assemble and disassemble practice on straight, flip and slider phones
• Replace LCD, Ribbon flex cable, broken lens, Camera & touch screen glass digitizer
• Keypad repair - change input membrane & key contact corrosion repair
• Blackberry Trackball, Trackball Dome and Trackpad replacement
• IPhone 3G/3GS Soldered Sim Card Tray replacement
• IPhone Series: 3G-3GS-iPhone 4 - Replace Soldered cable connectors & Sim Card Tray
• Physical damage repair and troubleshooting techniques on GSM and CDMA phones