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Cell Phone Repair Services

Are you having trouble with your cell phone, Firstcall Technologies can help! For walk-in Chennai, contact us today! We will repair your cell phone while you wait, some cases it will take 1 to 3 days, so you won’t be without it for long. We are committed to fast, high-quality, cost-effective cell phone repairs and services.

Cell Phone Screen Repair

Cell phone LCD repair is our most frequent request. Common jobs include Blackberry screen repair, Palm Treo LCD screen repair, Nokia screen repair, and Motorola screen repair.

LCD/display problems repaired by our Engineers include:

• Cracked screens
• White screens
• Blank screens
• Lines running through the middle of the screen
• “Tie-dye” effect
• “Bleeding” LCD
• Black spots or ink spots

Repair of Cell Phone Damages

Experienced Cell phone Service Engineers are standing by to address the following common problems,
Physical Damage

• Phones broken into two pieces
• Phone was mangled in an accident or dropped
• Cell phone housing (case) or protective screen is cracked
• Sound Issues
• Connectivity Issues
• Keypad Problems
• Keys on keypad are stuck
• Keys are not working
• Keys are pressing on their own
• Side Keys of phone are not working
• Charging/Power Problems
• Charging port is broken
• Pins are bent in the charging port
• Charging port came loose
• Phone won’t hold charge
• Phone won’t charge
• No power

Cosmetic Damage

Does your cell phone need some fancy work with panel? Firstcall Technologies can make your cell phone look like new! Send in your cell phone for repair by our refurbishing and cosmetic repair specialists.


Planning to travel internationally? Would you like to use your existing cell phone with a different carrier? It takes only minutes for Firstcall Technologies to unlock it for you. Once your GSM cell phone is unlocked, any active SIM card will function on your phone.

Data Transfer and Recovery

Ready for an upgrade? Ask us about our data transfer and recovery service. We can transfer your numbers onto a new cell phone, and create a backup for you in case your cell phone is ever stolen or misplaced.