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Blackberry Repairs

Firstcall Technologies specialize in repairs for all Blackberrys. All of our repair work is carried out by trained Engineers in Chennai India and most repairs are completed within 24 hours.

At Firstcall Technologies we have over 11 years experience in the mobile phone repair industry. We have established our reputation as a reliable and fast repair centre for Blackberry Phones and Our Engineers are fast and proficient in their work.

Blackberry's are great phones but they need repairs also. Firstcall Technologies provides extensive Blackberry repairs for corporations, companies and organizations who live by their Blackberry's, as well as those of us who use it for personal organization just because we love its ease of use and the fact that it does what we need it to do.

Most repairs can be done within a day. There may be some circumstances where we would need to keep the phone for more diagnostics in order to successfully complete the repair. We know your Blackberry is important to you and we promise to do our best to get it back to you in a timely fashion.

The Most Common Problems with blackberry

Trackball missing or not working
USB port is damaged and you can't charge or connect your Blackberry to the computer
Your Lens (the glass/plastic covering the LCD) is scratched or cracked
Or you have a white screen or bleeding LCD
Broken LCD glass screens
Headphone Jacks
Charging Ports
Software upgrades

Including this, we are providing other many more services for your Blackberry Devices. Trust ,fast, reliable and professional repair when you are dealing with these precious devices. We will also save your money in the process. No need to buy a new one every time there is a problem with your beloved Blackberry. Take advantage of Firstcall Technologies Blackberry Repair Services.